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Immerse yourself in the truth

What if you could transform your circumstances by transforming your inner terrain?

Open a direct line of communication to your unconscious.

In a world of willful ignorance, band-aid solutions, & shallow gimmicks, the shadow holds the answers we didn't know we were avoiding. When we welcome the dark, the animal, the feminine principle back into our lives, we reclaim our rightful seat of power at the helm of our selves. Self-doubt dwindles & we wake from the trance of materialism: the lie that we are mere victims of circumstance. We do this by welcoming unconscious contents with courage.


Where to begin?

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Shadow Integration 101

Brand new to shadow work & already feeling overwhelmed? Start with the basics. The Shadow Workbook Kit  initiates you into the work of shadow integration: processing difficult emotions, recognizing pain patterns, & learning about yourself through practical exercises.

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The Collective Unconscious

Society upholds many ideas that are so baked into the culture, they're invisible to us. We see these heavily skewed interpretations of reality as fact, & we default to them without question. This limits our potential as individuals and white-washes over who we really are. When we dare to peer behind the curtain, we are challenged to release pain-based group affiliations & face our triggers instead of blaming the 'bad guys' on the other team.

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Shadow Work Sessions

Experienced with shadow work but you've hit a brick wall? Feel like you're not really getting results & maybe this is all bs? It's time to go deeper. Sessions help you focus on one personal goal while learning to masterfully commit to specific practices. With patience, we can go beyond the burdens that have plagued us for years & get what we actually want.

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