Who would you be if you weren’t bogged down in who you’re not?

Maybe you’ve felt like a misfit your entire life, craving an escape from the mundane. Maybe you’ve been labelled ‘too sensitive,’ never finding relief in mainstream mental health teachings. Or maybe you struggle with shame, guilt, or people-pleasing, and self-care seems impossible.

Many of us learned the ‘virtues’ of blending in, doing what’s expected, and suppressing aspects of ourselves so as not to make waves. But deep down we fear ‘leading lives of quiet desperation.’

Life has never been a cakewalk for us individualists. And yet time + time again we hear that it was the eccentric scientist, the innovative entrepreneur, or the daring artist who made the big discovery or shifted how we understand the world.

Different Is Important.

Societal institutions uphold conformity and logic while dismissing emotion & intuition. We’re all conditioned to thrive in this system, but in reality, not all can.


What About YOU?


If you’re grappling with negative emotions, beliefs, or habits, it's not because you're broken. If you are self-motivated and curious enough, you can wake up to who you actually are and what you actually want.

Wake Up to Yourself

I'm Brianna, and I help jaded idealists recommit to themselves, their values, and their vision.

As you might’ve guessed, Exist Better isn’t a place for small talk or fluff psychology. We’re all about revolution – and that process is intricate and difficult.

Here, we learn how to shine a light on the parts of ourselves that were stifled & traumatized. We do this through shadow work. By exploring the underbelly of the human psyche, we retrieve that which we’ve abandoned – our whole Selves. We are shedding layers of conditioning, honing self-awareness, and adopting alternative perspectives.

Through these practices, we come to know who we are, radically approve of it, and take action from that place of clarity. No more self-sabotage and no more faltering to what other people want you to be.


Exist Better is a pathway I’ve paved – You no longer have to do this all alone. Here, you can develop self-confidence, strengthen your boundaries, and learn to ride life’s emotional waves instead of drowning in them.

The world may cling to drama, distractions, and gimmicks. But you can submerge yourself in truth.

Burn the mask and start living as your Self. Because if you’re not actively being yourself, you can’t possibly approve of yourself.


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Exist Better content is not meant to replace therapy, treat, or diagnose any condition. If you are seeking traditional mental health counseling, please contact a licensed professional.