Disruptors is a collective of deep thinkers, empaths, idealists, intuitives, + misfits who crave space to express, learn, + grow beyond the status quo.


Disruptors are humble, intelligent, open to new information, + brave enough to step outside of norms to follow their honest path + live a life they won't regret. We honor all of ourselves [dark + light]. We trust that by committing to our empowerment continuously, meaning + purpose will grow out of our chaos + pain.

The Container 

This space exists to help you...

  • integrate + heal negative emotions

  • understand + transcend your trauma patterns

  • identify practices, habits, or rituals that nurture your power

  • discuss esoteric, spiritual, + psychological concepts of interest

  • get honest, express, + make space for your creative self to emerge

  • unravel layers of social conditioning to separate your 'Self' from the 'not-self'

If you struggle with...​ anxiety, depression, codependence, feeling isolated or lost, doubting yourself, creating boundaries, empath burnout, or confusion about intuitive experiences, this group will serve you.

The Format

Brianna [founder of Exist Better] moderates the group + posts 1 topic of exploration at the beginning of each week. All group members are welcome to post, comment, + explore relevant topics at anytime.

The Guidelines

This is a space where you can..

  • raise questions 

  • share empowering insights

  • discuss esoteric + philosophical ideas

  • vent about problems + struggles when needed

This is not a space for: judging others or yourself, complaining, ruminating, spamming, or political debate. The goal is not to conform to any strict belief system, but for each member of the group to become a better channel of themselves.

Get support, feedback, + accountability in returning to who you are:


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