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Stop Holding Yourself Back

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Isn't it funny how "self-consciousness" is a dirty word in our culture? Those of us who are hyper-aware, emotionally attuned, and intuitive get a bad wrap because society hasn't traditionally seen these qualities as gifts.

As a result, many of us have descended into the shadow side of this quality, having low self-esteem, hesitance to express ourselves, and a generally lower quality of life as we overly-cautiously hold ourselves back. Many are labeled as mentally ill and encouraged to shove themselves back into "normal" society and fit ourselves in (often as low-level employees and workhorses). But deep down, this corrodes us - We can only lie to ourselves for so long.

The reality is, if you are this way, you have very specific gifts - you may not even know what they are yet. You have a higher than average developmental potential, and it's about time you acknowledged it instead of putting it on the backburner.

Feel Freer

Stop Second-Guessing

Stop Apologizing

Get Clean From Your Conditioning



What happens to people like us who don't get support? We fall through the cracks. Unable to advocate for ourselves and overlooked by the majority who just don't get us, we begin to float through life in a half-dissociated state and become reclusive. Or we abandon ourselves and try to fit a mold, only to eventually break down from exhaustion.

In either case, we don't reach our developmental potential. We stay stagnant. We don't grow. Our hopes and goals never come to fruition, and they begin to haunt us. This is the "quiet life of desperation" Thoreau warned about.


So what's an uncertain individual with tons of untapped potential to do? Instead of feeling stuck, stunted, and repressed, we recommit to ourselves.

This program is a gateway to:

Remember who you really are and what you really want to do with your life

Cutting out the bullshit, the time-wasters, and negative outside influences

Learning simple prioritization, organization, and concrete action

We begin to live an almost holy experience of recommitment and reconnection to ourselves - the REAL selves.


Talk about me, my experiences, I get it.

I know how utterly impossible it can feel to do this, but that's because you're looking up the entire mountain instead of just taking the first step.











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