"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." - Carl Jung

The Shadow Workbook is for anyone that is ready to deepen self-awareness, integrate subconscious beliefs, and ground their power in reality. If you are tired of low self-esteem, self-sabotage, destructive habits, or just a general malaise about what to do with your life, this book will support you through your evolution.

The only requirement? You must be ready to do the work.


Contrary to how it's often portrayed, shadow work doesn't have to be scary and difficult. In fact, it's pretty damn gratifying to take back your power after years of feeling helpless. Your shadow is nothing to be afraid of - It is YOU, so you can't be harmed by understanding it. The only time that shadow aspects cause problems is when they are unintegrated - when you aren't aware of these parts of yourself.

What is your shadow?
You shadow is your "unintegrated" self - the parts of you that need to be uncovered and healed. It comprises of the aspects of your personality that were rejected, suppressed, or denied to the point of becoming largely subconscious to you. Because of this, they began operating destructively as your emotional "baggage" - your traumas, addictions, fears, negative habits, etc.

What happens when shadow aspects remain unknown?
As you grew up, your rejected or "fragmented" parts STILL existed, but they began operating in an unhealthy way - through a negative filter. Why? Because unmet needs will find a way to be met. Unexpressed emotions will express - one way or another. This is where all of our labels of being "flawed" come from (e.g. addiction, depression, personality disorders, eating disorders, etc). Most of us have a vague sense that we are not whole, which then drives us into difficult relationships with others who have related shadow aspects. 

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What is shadow work?
Shadow work is the process of healing this tangle of conflict and confusion within you. It is the process of willingly and actively examining your own habits, behaviors, feelings, and traits in order to phase out unwanted behaviors, heal from recurring suffering, and gain an understanding of who you ACTUALLY are. Basically, it's real self-empowerment.


If you're tired of pop psychology and fluff spirituality that yields no tangible results, this information can start you on a better path. Shadow work is a radical look into the self that we've been conditioned our whole lives to avoid.

Shadow workers find their power and become truly confident because there is less confusion, less chaos, and more internal order. Their personal obstacles have been released. They know who they are, they learn self-care, and they get honest with themselves. It's a practice that strengthens your emotional intelligence and even improves your relationships.


Shadow workers gain their resilience by learning a process and building a lifestyle. They master the methods that work for them and drop the others. They repeat these practices as needed to gain clarity about any aspect of their lives. This is the sacred work. 


The Shadow Workbook will help you:

  • learn some basic shadow work processes you can do on your own

  • begin seeing the underlying reasons for negative habits so you can change them

  • begin healing deep, subconscious emotional wounds so you can feel lighter

  • stop living in a constant state of suffering and fear and gain control of your life

This 39-page digital workbook contains:

  • The 5 non-negotiable rules for getting results with these processes

  • 5 concrete processes + how/when to do them

  • Several worksheets + exercises to get you interacting with shadow content

  • Answers to the most common questions about shadow work


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"Over the past year, I began my spiritual journey, and along the way I have fallen off the path a few times. I seem to hit the ceiling of how far I can go, and it causes me to stop for a bit. Since I found the Shadow Workbook, I've realized those blocks can be removed and my ceiling is much higher. For anyone out there on a journey of any kind, realize when you fall off or feel like stopping, that doesn't have to be a ceiling. This is a signpost to where you can go next if you're willing to work with yourself."  - Matt