The Shadow Workbook

a digital book for mastering your shadow self and resolving painful patterns for good

  • gain clarity

  • make better decisions

  • heal & integrate negative emotions

  • learn who you are beneath societal conditioning

To improve your life, you need to face what isn't working. But you might struggle because..


  • You have a lot of resistance

  • You don't know how to work with your emotions

  • You can't find practical info on how to do shadow work

  • Nothing you try leads to lasting change 

  • You don't know what you don't know (It's subconscious!)

Your shadow self is your unintegrated self - the parts of you that need to be uncovered and healed. These parts were rejected, suppressed, or denied to the point of becoming largely subconscious. Because of this, they began operating destructively as your emotional 'baggage' - your traumas, addictions, fears, bad habits, etc. This is where all of our labels of being 'flawed' come from (e.g. depression, personality disorders, eating disorders, etc). The Shadow Workbook PDF provides an introduction to how and why we do this groundbreaking work.

Hi, I'm Brianna,

& most of my life was spent drowning in negative emotions, haunted by my defectiveness that seemed to prove itself at every turn... until I realized it was all bullshit. 

When I started practicing shadow work, everything changed. Layers that I could've sworn were me sloughed off. With the pain came clarity. The more subconscious gunk I cleared, the more my core Self emerged. I stopped feeling a need to apologize for existing, and realized I had a job to do. 

My work centers around:

  1. Self-responsibility

  2. Releasing societal programming

  3. Depth psychology & shadow work

  4. Nervous system trauma responses

What Is Shadow Work & Why Do It?

The short answer: Shadow work is processing your emotions without judgment. It is allowing the more troubling aspects of yourself to surface and have a voice. From this practice, real trauma integration becomes possible.

The long answer: Shadow work is founded on the basic idea that there is a conscious mind, which you are very familiar with, and a subconscious mind, which you are not familiar with. This is why self-sabotage is such a common issue people face. There's a split between your conscious self and shadow self. For example, you may consciously want something, but subconsciously fear it. The fact that this dichotomy exists is rule #1 of emotional processing work (more about this in the Shadow Workbook). As you've probably noticed, all sorts of problems arise from this lack of self-knowledge.

You may really want to pursue certain things in life, but you don't because an experience taught you something negative about them. You may grapple with chronic depression, apathy, phobias, or anger, having no genuine understanding of why. You may feel codependent in relationships and powerless to change it. All of these little things can impact your relationships, career satisfaction, family life, income, health, etc. And you can't just shove them aside and get rid of them (which I'm sure you've already tried :) In other words, the more gunk you have in your subconscious, the less
true contentment and self-empowerment you can access.

Healing is a natural byproduct of shadow work because traumas are stuffed down deep in the psyche. In other words, the troubling things that you experienced - especially at a very young age - left permanent imprints. They created fears, beliefs, and negative patterns that continue to drive your nervous system in ways you don't fully understand how to process yet. For a deeper introduction on this, you can check out my videos, How to Do Shadow Work, Why Do Shadow Work? & 

Shadow Work for Newbies (How to Know You're Really Doing It).

Any of your personality traits that were deemed "wrong" (either by you or your caregivers) will exist in your shadow. This is hugely important to acknowledge because those traits don't go away - They express themselves in a negative way. For example, healthy confidence might degrade into self-loathing or some other warped expression if we feel that confidence is somehow 'bad.' In another instance, someone's drive and ambition may go awry, mutating into workaholism or even anorexia. Basically, when something in you is being repressed, it will find a convoluted way to express itself because it is an undeniable part of you. The Shadow Workbook pdf is designed to initiate you into a more dignified way of interacting with yourself.

If you're tired of fluff psychology that yields no results, this is for you. 

The Shadow Workbook PDF Will Help You:

  • learn simple shadow work processes you can do on your own

  • begin seeing the underlying reasons for negative habits so you can change them

  • begin healing deep, subconscious emotional wounds so you can feel lighter

  • stop living in suffering and fear and gain control of your life

The Shadow Self Workbook Contains:

  • 5 non-negotiable rules for getting results with shadow work

  • 5 concrete processes & how/when to do them

  • worksheets & exercises to get you interacting with your subconscious 

  • Answers to the most common questions about shadow work

shadow work pdf chapters

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What readers are saying..

"Over the past year, I began my spiritual journey, and along the way I have fallen off the path a few times. I seem to hit the ceiling of how far I can go, and it causes me to stop for a bit. Since I found the Shadow Workbook, I've realized those blocks can be removed and my ceiling is much higher. For anyone out there on a journey of any kind, realize when you fall off or feel like stopping, that doesn't have to be a ceiling. This is a signpost to where you can go next if you're willing to work with yourself."   - Matt

"Worth your money. Before I purchased, I questioned whether it is worth buying, since I have collected already so much information on Shadows and Emotional Embodiment. Totally worth it, seeing it all laid out so clearly. So affirming to read the writings, felt like a friend with me, encouraging me to go in, to dig deeper. It has also been a reminder for me in shame storms or other powerful emotions that ‘this makes sense,’ that it is worth listening to. To stand my sacred ground, and comfort myself, rather than running away."  - Shmuel

Crack into what's really going on within you.

Along with the full Shadow Workbook PDF, you'll get 3 bonuses:

  • The Cartography of Consciousness Handbook - A 24-page download where we dive deep into the lower emotional spectrum (shame, guilt, grief, apathy, fear, desire, pride, and courage) to recognize, understand, & resolve painful patterns. We also cover what being "overly emotional" really means, how to handle resistance, and more.

  • The State of Consciousness Self-Assessment - A 63-question assessment to identify which of the 9 core emotional patterns you're living in (based on Dr. Hawkins scale of consciousness).

  • Self Awareness Check-in Sheets - Printable sheets to help you cultivate quick 2-minute check-ins with yourself every morning and evening. Look back over weeks or months to see your patterns & progress.

If you're ready to choose...

Productive self-inquiry   Wallowing

Facing tough emotions  >  Shirking responsibility

Knowing yourself  Defaulting to your conditioning

Feeling better  Feeling stuck