Shadow Work

Move toward a unified Self.

Much of what we call 'shadow work' can be done alone. But there comes a time in everyone's path where reaching out for assistance is not only helpful, but sometimes necessary. Transcending negative patterns is hard work, and in our fast-paced society, we're rarely told that it's ok to slow down, reflect, & question our direction in life.

Few people have someone who can truly listen, offer an entirely objective perspective, & work through their unique triggers & blind spots with them. This is what I offer in these sessions. This is an opportunity to have someone radically in your corner - not to teach you how to live - but to help you uncover how you've always wanted to live. 

These sessions are for you if you are . .

+ Acquainted with psychology + spirituality, but still stuck in certain areas of your life

+ Comfortable talking about your challenges + feeling your emotions

+ Interested in the subconscious mind + developing your intuition
+ Ready to get more honest + access more of your Self

What happens in a session?

To be clear, these are not 'readings' in which you are told specifically what to do in your life. No one can know that but you. Each session is a space from which you will be guided to access your own subconscious information & intuitive realizations. The 2 types of sessions are outlined below.

Underlying Principles

Shadow work sessions are rooted in the following truths:

1. Trauma fragments us. Thus we are split into conscious and subconscious aspects of Self.

2. Re-experiencing negative emotions + releasing resistance allows those aspects to re-unify.

3. Your own intuition does much of this automatically. The only thing required of you is open-mindedness + a willingness to feel.

 Processing Session
Be guided into a meditative space where shadow content is acknowledged as it comes up naturally. This can be a time to dig deeply into old wounds + traumas that are ready to be seen, heard, felt, +  integrated.

This is a more intuitive, go-with-the-flow style of session where topics are largely chosen by your subconscious.

Choose this option if you're seeking catharsis - to feel better about a difficult wound, to close a chapter of your life, or anything you can't seem to figure out logically.


  • Get out of your head + process emotion directly

  • Gain a new perspective

  • Experience clarity + peace 

 Talking Session

Gain insight into why certain patterns exist, share your struggles, and ask questions. This can be a time of being deeply supported + heard as you navigate current issues, make big decisions or changes, or simply move toward a more aligned life.

This is a more logical, linear session style where topics are deliberately chosen by you and/or the practitioner. 

Choose this option if you would rather process privately + want to talk instead of entering a meditative state. 

  • Get concrete guidance from the practitioner

  • Talk through whatever you're stuck on

  • Receive homework or relevant resources

 Not ready yet? 

Here are some resources to ease you into the healing process:

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