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Shadow Work

Master the Lost Art of Self-Trust

Therapeutic sessions that shine a light on your shadow so you can resolve internal conflicts & get back to being you.


  • Stop running on negative emotions

  • Understand your needs + stop settling

  • Illuminate blind spots + take new actions that align

Get one-on-one support & guidance to unearth your innate potential.

Ever feel like you're tied to invisible strings that hold you back?

Negative Emotions

- Anger & frustration

- Depression & anxiety

- Hopelessness & apathy

Poor Quality of Life

- Getting stuck in ruts

- Unfulfilling relationships 

- Settling when you want more

 Lack of Self-Trust 

- Low self-esteem
- Inability to take action in life

- Consistently not setting boundaries

If any of this rings true for you, welcome to the club.

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No one should have to live life disconnected from themselves, their values, their emotions, & their freedom.

Hi, I'm Brianna. Most of my adult life was spent drowning in mental health problems, haunted by my defectiveness that seemed to prove itself at every turn... until I realized it was all bullshit.

When I started practicing shadow work, everything changed. Layers that I could've sworn were me sloughed off. With the pain came clarity. The more subconscious gunk I cleared, the more my core Self emerged.

Formally, I've studied psychology, sociology, and yoga, but by far my most valuable knowledge comes from personal experience. My work incorporates:

  1. Depth psychology/shadow work

  2. Nervous system trauma responses

  3. Belief de-programming


1. Book a Session

Choose from 2 types of sessions & select a time slot that works for you.

2. Receive Guidance

Share your feelings, get insight, & process what's holding you back.

3. Start Evolving

Receive a follow-up plan for the month, take new action, & start feeling better.

The Better Path 

Conventional therapy harps on lifelong 'mental illness' management, making people feel broken, weak, and like their fate is predetermined. Meanwhile, life coaching offers empty motivational tips that encourage you to deny your struggles, repeat affirmations, and hustle your way to freedom.


These approaches do a great disservice to the Feminine, the Inner Child, the Human in You. If you feel called to excavate something deeper & own your Self in a way you never thought possible, this is your space to do it.


What you need isn't another watered-down 'fix yourself' scheme, but a permanent commitment to exploring & maturing who you are. 

Shadow work is a framework that gets you off the hamster wheel for good. By no stretch is it a quick or easy path, but a lifestyle. The pain you learn to love will be the catalyst that sets you free. There are barren, neglected parts of you. It's time to return there.

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Trail in Woods

Choose a Session Style

Be guided into a meditative space where shadow content is acknowledged as it comes up naturally. 

This is a more intuitive, go-with-the-flow style of session where topics are largely chosen by your subconscious/intuition.

Choose this option if you're seeking catharsis - to feel better about a difficult wound, to close a chapter of your life, or anything you can't seem to figure out logically.


  • Get out of your head + process emotion directly

  • Gain a new perspective

  • Experience clarity + peace 


Gain insight into why certain patterns exist, share your struggles, and ask questions. 

This is a more logical, linear session style where topics are deliberately chosen by you and/or the practitioner. 

Choose this option if you would rather process privately + want to talk instead of entering a meditative state. 

  • Get concrete guidance from the practitioner

  • Talk through whatever you're stuck on

  • Receive homework or relevant resources


In 5 years, do you want to be the same person, with the same struggles?

Change and growth are natural mechanisms when we get out of our own way - but it takes action to start that process. Like gravity, our unacknowledged wounds keep us in behavioral loops if we don't decisively break the pattern.

The beginning of change feels nearly impossible. Often, no one understands. Seeing results from shadow work is going to take time, but you should take that time. Use it up. Don’t leave it up to chance or anyone else to dictate the outcome of your life.​ You deserve to grow, to feel relief, to know self-trust, to learn and change. This is human dignity.

Get started with affordable, once-a-month sessions to keep you on track to becoming the best version of yourself.

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