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"All it takes is the readiness to disconnect from the madness of the not-self world and its not-self purposes..
to rediscover the dignity of what it is to be you."

- Ra Uru Hu

We've been sold a counterfeit map to success.


It says safety is everything, conformity is wise, and believing in your potential is risky. Detached from nature, we slip deeper into amnesia and forget why we're alive. Inside this box of 'safety,' we are coddled into the illusion that we are muggles - incapable of anything.

Fear, scarcity, and ignorance are woven through our culture, and the winds of modern life whisper “powerless.. powerless..” Before you know it, the spell is cast on you too.

If you're struggling massively,
it's not your fault.

Imbalance is the default lifestyle & if you don't want to go down with the ship, you'll have to fight. When you're disconnected from yourself:

  • you feel powerless to create what you want

  • nothing feels enjoyable

  • fatigue becomes a lifestyle

  • you struggle with constant resistance

  • you're stuck in the role of martyr

  • you feel creatively blocked

  • you feel sexually blocked

  • you become a control freak or apathetic

  • you develop chronic health issues

  • you struggle with petty addictions

  • you feel 'locked' in habits you don't want

  • you feel 'locked' in codependence with others

  • you feel depressed, angry, or victimized

  • you feel like you're wasting your life and you
    don't know what to do about it

...and on and on

Abstract multi color powder explosion on white background.  Freeze motion of  dust  partic

Disconnection from Self is
The Plight of Our Time


Hi, I'm Brianna

and I help people break free from their deepest 'not-self'
conditioning. My entire life I’ve had a consistent, unshakeable urge to escape society and build a better one from scratch (but if you’ve ever seen The Beach, you know how that turns out).


So instead, I studied sociology, psychology, philosophy, and tons of other ologies to figure out the seemingly impossible task of freeing oneself in an unfree world, as Albert Camus put it. I've wrestled and practiced this almost my entire life, even before I knew what I was doing (shoutout to 12 years of Catholic school for training me for this).

But after years of shadow work, I found that there was only so far you could go from the intellect. Traditional shadow work is merely a prep course for the real thing.

The real shadow is the body. Reconnecting with intuition, facing our most primal fears, and actually experiencing “healing” is a full-body experience, not a mental one. I call it "proving your conditioning wrong," and it's not for the faint of heart.

In my experience, the deepest form of shadow integration lives in the lower energy centers – where we experience the terrifying uncertainty of being human. The more we face the places we want to run from, the more invincible we become. Through Exist Better, I intend to share everything I know about the arduous process of being yourself.

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Black Washed Wall

What shadow workers are saying..

Black Washed Wall

"Brianna's Shadow Workbook actually kickstarted my journey into shadow work and its been the best thing I ever did for myself."

The Initiation You've Been Looking for

The most rewarding process you'll ever undergo is the return to yourself.
Years down the road, you'll be glad you started today.

Say goodbye to the quiet life of desperation.

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