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Breaking the Spell

Learn to change any negative synchronicity
through focus, practice, & surrender.

Understand the pattern

Purposefully choose it

Then consciously replace it

We all have something happening in our lives that we just don't prefer - in fact, we might hate it. But most of us have been taught totally ineffective ways of dealing with it. Ignoring, enduring, praying it away, or fighting it to the death.. you might've noticed that these strategies don't work.


So how do we go from noticing an obnoxious, repetitive synchronicity (and knowing we're probably somehow playing into it) to confidently replacing it with something better? How do we start consciously creating synchronicities rather than randomly getting stuck in fated ones that we never would've chosen?

This course is for you if...

  • You keep noticing the same negative things happening over and over

  • You feel frustrated, powerless, or hopelessly stuck on loop

  • You know your potential is higher but don't know how to stop "getting in your own way" 

  • You often wonder why it looks so easy for other people, yet you have to break your back to get anything

  • You are interested in depth psychology/esoteric wisdom and using it to make practical changes in your life

  • You are highly self-aware and empathic, and you'll use this information for the good of all, not just yourself

Here's what you'll learn:

  • A process to do any time you feel like you've lost conscious control of your life

  • Why our current social climate makes it so hard to believe in ourselves & our power

  • What synchronicities really are and how to work on a specific one in your life that's bothering you

  • Principles & exercises that help you transform a pattern into something more desirable 

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The Curriculum

1.​ Stepping Out of the Illusion of Materialism

2. Choosing a Negative Synchronicity to Work With

3. Welcoming Ritual

4. Replacement Ritual

5. Living in the Light

Insights from Shadow Workers

"Brianna's Shadow Workbook actually kickstarted my journey into shadow work and its been the best thing I ever did for myself."

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Dare to Ask for More

If you've always believed or been taught that the good life is for other people, now is your time to find out if that's really true. How tall is your ceiling really? Do you really have to settle for exactly what you have?

Use this course as a mini-blueprint for changing what you don't like about your life - not through resistance, effort, and control, but by becoming so integrated that you rarely cave to your old limitations. By learning to exercise your will, your power, and your intention, you can progress toward anything you want to create.



How fast will this work?

In 6 hours!! ...Just kidding. I have no idea how long this will take to work for you. It depends on several factors like: how much time and focus you invest (eg. doing the exercises), how much resistance/confusion you have in your life (eg. sometimes people have a lot to sort out before something like this can be useful to them - if you've already done a lot of inner work and feel a bit like the sage of your own inner world, you'll probably do great with this). There's no reason it can't work very quickly in some instances. If you're working on a huge, painful, deeply engrained pattern, it will probably take a bit longer, but still totally doable. 

Is this another bs spiritual course on the internet? 

That all depends. Do you believe in synchronicity and that uniting the conscious and subconscious leads to deeply satisfying change? Would it feel good to engage with this course, or would it feel like work? Do you feel desperate for a quick fix, or ready to ground yourself in new practices that will alter your day-to-day experience? Generally, what tends to work for people is what they believe in, what they immerse themselves in, and what gives them a true feeling of empowerment. If this course feels like a breath of fresh air, it will probably 'work' for you.

Does this work for relationships, careers, emotional issues, etc, etc?

The ideas taught in this course are widely applicable. Basically, anything negative that keeps happening (and feels like it's happening TO you, against your will) is fair game. Keep in mind, this course is not really about getting rid of something, despite the fact that that's probably what drew you here. It's about radically accepting our circumstances and learning how the process of change actually works. Once you work through one pattern and it feels 'settled', you can repeat the lessons in the course over and over to improve circumstances in every area of your life (health, social, financial, etc).

Can I expect outer change or just inner change?

BOTH. They absolutely go hand-in-hand. Depending on your situation, you may find one more relevant than the other (eg. if you're working on the negative synchronicity of depressive episodes, the changes might be very perceptual. But if you're working on raising your income level, the changes might be very literal.) You may find that there is an equal amount of change in both your inner and outer worlds, which reflects the fact that each mirror the other. 

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