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Shadow Work Sessions

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Emotional Processing

Need a safe space to release heavy emotions like grief or fear? Feel like you can't move forward because of these lingering feelings?

Few social contexts offer support, validation, & listening. We suffer greatly when these basic emotional needs are not accommodated. 

In these sessions, you are guided to share whatever is weighing on you. When these emotions are processed in a non-judgemental setting, you can gain closure & move forward.

Parts Work

Self-sabotaging? Struggling to make a decision or feeling conflicted all the time? Know you can do better, but you're holding yourself back? These are all signs you'd benefit from parts work.

In these sessions, we open up a logical, structured dialogue with the inner parts of you that are repressed, confused, or in conflict. You gain access to new information to resolve conflicts and resistance and free up energy to do exactly what you want.

Golden Shadow Work

Need a pep talk? Eager to unearth your strengths,  'rebrand' yourself,' or start living from a higher level of integrity? Wish you could be more confident, in control, and proud of what you're achieving?

In these sessions, we jog your memory about how you're already awesome and how to access it more consistently. The shadow holds not only trauma, but your most valuable repressed traits that are just waiting for a chance to change everything for you.

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