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Shadow Work
Therapy Sessions

The Life You Wanted Is Still Possible

Shadow work counseling for healing trauma


  • You're smart, responsible, good-hearted, and more than ready for a change. 

  • You see the gap between who you are & who you want to be, and the pressure is building to make it happen.

  • You constantly compare how things are to how you think they should be.

  • You have ideas, ambitions, and dreams but seriously doubt your ability to bring them into reality. 

  • You know you have blindspots, and you're working on it, but it doesn't seem to be enough.

  • Despite all your efforts, you're still marinating in the same old bs you've been in for too long.

These are all signs that you're an idealist who just hasn't broken through to your 'unlived life' yet -- your higher potential.

The thing is, most people don't know they're idealists - They just know they're miserable. Shadow work therapy sessions will help you systematically connect with your subconscious & finally uncover why you are where you are. Make no mistake, this work is not for those seeking a quick fix, nor is it for those who are unwilling to explore the messy reality of their emotional world. Rather than shy away, we take pride in our ability to navigate our psyches and humbly bridge the gap between who we are & who we want to be.

Those of us who know that better is possible are most at risk for a disappointing life. When things aren't working, we end up embodying the shadow of our idealism: hopelessness. Thus we have one choice: learn how to follow through on our dreams - no matter how hard or confusing it is.

Hi, I'm Brianna,

shadow work practitioner,

& most of my life was spent drowning in negative emotions, haunted by my defectiveness that seemed to prove itself at every turn... until I realized it was all bullshit. 

When I started practicing shadow work, everything changed. Layers that I could've sworn were me sloughed off. With the pain came clarity. The more subconscious gunk I cleared, the more my core Self emerged. I stopped feeling a need to apologize for existing, and realized I had a job to do. 

My work centers around:

  1. Self-responsibility

  2. Releasing societal programming

  3. Depth psychology & shadow work

  4. Nervous system trauma responses

Make progress even if you feel doubtful, exhausted, lost, or incapable.

shadow work therapy sessions for beginners & advanced students

In these one-on-one shadow work sessions, we systematically work through the emotional and habitual patterns you're bogged down in, pinpoint why they exist, & outline what actions can be taken to evolve them. This is about you maturing and emerging into a stronger version of you.

We'll move you out of analysis paralysis and into a state where you'll never question whether what you want is possible, or if you deserve it, ever again. Relief, validation, and objective insight into your situation are promised in these sessions. You no longer need to do this alone - Working with a shadow work counselor means getting the specific attention & support you need at your current level of awareness & integration. Shadow work therapy is about gently training yourself toward your higher potential & graduating from societal conditioning.

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What is a shadow work session like?
Shadow work sessions are completely free-flowing and tailored to your specific concerns and stuck points. You are the guiding force, so the conversation goes as deep as you are comfortable with. If desired, the practitioner can guide you into deeper processing, tapping into subconscious material or doing parts work exercises to resolve any inner tug of war or self-sabotage. Sessions are an opportunity to get genuine support from a down-to-earth, non-judgmental fellow human who has been there. You'll receive insights that change how you perceive yourself and practical tools you can use for the rest of your life.

Why work with a shadow work practitioner?
A skilled shadow work counselor will be able to see your blindspots before you do, as it is their job to study human consciousness and the most common sticking points and pain patterns (this can be based on many things, such as shame, attachment styles, fight or flight responses, personality typing, etc). A good practitioner will validate your experiences, help you understand and make peace with them, & focus your self-development efforts on the exact practices that will resolve your unique emotional & behavioral issues - no more confusion.

Searching for shadow work therapy near me?
Shadow work therapy is unlike any other psychological healing modality because it puts us in touch with parts of ourselves we've long forgotten or abandoned. Thus, it literally gives us more access to ourselves and helps us naturally make new decisions from a place of wholeness - no more willpower struggles. Shadow work isn't another bs self-improvement fad. It's about living from unprecedented awareness and unearthing the truth of your Self - the 'you' you've always been - so you can live with dignity & bridge the gap between your inner and outer lives.

Brianna offers shadow work therapy sessions via Zoom to clients anywhere in the world. Please email before booking your first session.

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