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Shadow Work

The Life You Wanted Is Still Possible

Shadow work therapy sessions


  • You're smart, responsible, good-hearted, and more than ready for a change. 

  • You see the gap between who you are & who you want to be, and the pressure is building to make it happen.

  • You constantly compare how things are to how you think they should be.

  • You have ideas, ambitions, and dreams but seriously doubt your ability to bring them into reality. 

  • You know you have blindspots, and you're working on it, but it doesn't seem to be enough.

  • Despite all your efforts, you're still marinating in the same old bs you've been in for too long.

Sound familiar? Shadow work therapy sessions will help you connect with your subconscious & uncover why you are where you are.


Building self-respect & self-responsibility, you can bridge the gap between where you are & where you want to be. 

Make progress even if you feel doubtful, exhausted or incapable.

shadow work therapy sessions for beginners & advanced students

In these one-on-one meetings, we systematically work through the emotional and habitual patterns you're bogged down in, pinpoint why they exist, & outline what actions can be taken to evolve them. This is about you maturing and emerging into a stronger version of you.

Relief, validation, and objective insight into your situation are promised in these sessions. You no longer need to do this alone - Working with a counselor means getting the specific attention & support you need at your current level of integration. Shadow work therapy is about gently training yourself toward your higher potential & graduating from the conditioning you don't need anymore.

Recommended Program

Week 1: 15-Min Chat | You'll meet with me on Zoom for a 15-minute chat to see if the program is a good fit.

Week 2: Talk Session | In our initial meeting, you'll talk about current challenges and goals and we will establish a big-picture understanding of what's going on in your life. 

Week 3: Parts Work Session | We this meeting, we go deeper, beginning to explore the internal dialogue between hidden parts of self or parts of you that are in conflict. If you're not familiar with parts work, see a demonstration here.

Week 4: Processing Session | Going a layer deeper, you are guided through an intuitive process to feel, express, and release heavy emotions and subconscious patterns (this style of session can also be delayed as long as needed for you to feel comfortable).

Week 5: Talk Session | Bringing it all together and recapping what you've learned and what you are integrating so far. We'll discuss practical strategies for making any necessary shifts.

Week 6 and Beyond: We continue rotating session types or explore whatever meets your fancy. That's it!

How does it work?

Sessions are one hour long and conducted via Zoom. You'll receive a follow-up email with a personalized worksheet of helpful ideas and practices for that week. Sessions are $80 and payment plans are available if needed. 

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