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The Unconventional Adventure

The Unconventional Adventurer smiles at the notion of putting their head down, working for the man, & praying for salvation. Deep down, they know they are the salvation – the very spirit of hope this world direly needs.

They are freeing themselves of societal pressures and feel no need for pretense, dogma, conformity, or self-sacrifice to serve the machine.

In some ways, we could even say they know the “secrets” of the universe, sometimes even at a young age. But in classic Shakespearean-tragedy-fashion, this does little for their quality of life. In fact, it often becomes a great hindrance to their peace of mind: the burden of higher awareness, and the analysis paralysis that comes with it.

The glaring question is: What do people like us do with all of this untapped potential?


Where do you fit?


What is worth your finite energy, your time, your heart?


These answers can't be found in your average therapy session or a cute Barnes & Noble self-inquiry journal (no offense B&N).


We are the first – the pioneers of this new and strange age.

Frighteningly, we must mine for the answers ourselves in the trenches of our consciousness.  


Though hard-won, these answers will be rewarding – authentic, true. They ground us deeper in our identities and provide inspiring reasons to keep going, keep creating. And they give us energy – a rare commodity in this age.


We reach for this kind of clarity, but we’re human. We get distracted, confused, obstacles get in the way, we doubt ourselves and the world.


Some days we can do little more than sit with the pain in our shadows & look it in the eye, waiting for it to make its next move and hoping its not a checkmate. 


This is ok, because something else exists in your shadow - and it's your unlived life - the real gem you've been mining for. It's not just here to haunt you, but to guide you toward what was always meant for you.

This path isn't for most people, but if it's for you, you'll feel it.

The Unconventional Adventure is a free newsletter designed to help you restore the connection between your inner and outer lives -- thoughtfully-crafted ideas & lessons to help you unearth and live your unlived life.


If you feel like self-help content never goes quite far enough, this is for you.

"Always go too far, because that's where you'll find the truth." - Albert Camus 

Who Are We
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